About Us

Our Mission

We provide adequate (satisfactory or acceptable in quality or quanity) clothing and shoes to children, newborn to fourteen years old, in underprivileged countries. 

This looks more like clothing made of breathable materials, that like cotton or linen, rather than materials of polyester. 


Throughout the year, we do offer merchandise for sale, such as tee shirts (short and long), stickers, bags, mugs, etc. 

For each of our original tees that are sold, TWO will be given on your behalf to a child in need of adequate clothing. 

Get Involved

If you are interested in offering your talents, that opportunity is available to you. We encourage you to research all that it means to be a One Such Child Ambassador. 

We accept Ambassador applications year round.


Newborn babies and children to age fourteen, are in the most critical of need  in our current locations and ones similar to them. 

We provide clothes and shoes to both boys and girls.


Our two current locations are:

  • San Juan de la Maguana, DR
  • Jacó, Costa Rica


More often than not we are asked how we get the clothes to our locations. The answers are easy, we drop them off ourselves. 

During the quarters when we aren't traveling for distribution, we deliver the clothes via barrel shipping to our on-site coordinators. 

Something else that we are asked, is how we get the clothes. We receive all shoes and clothes through donations. We collaborate with local schools and day cares for clothing drives. We also partner with retailers to donate their "damaged" clothes that they can no longer re sell.



We understand that sometimes it can be a lot to take in all at once. We encourage questions, that's the only way we get better. 

If you have a question, please contact us or if you have a question but can't think of what it is, take a peek at what others have asked. 

CORE Values


The children that we provide clothing and shoes to, some live well below the poverty live, even by the standards of their own countries. All Ambassadors, Board Members included, must be accepting of that fact and show other core values as well when providing for these children.


Mistakes will happen but without accountability, they stay mistakes, rather than become a lesson learned. Trial and error is expected, but One Such Child is accountable for providing these resources to children and all those representing us are held to those standards as well. 


Whether we secure a new location or a new Ambassador, etc. the brand of One Such Child, Inc. is committed to assisting children in need who don't otherwise have the resources. Our word is our pledge and commitment and that is expected of all those representing this brand. 


Having compassion allows you to see the struggle in the circumstances of the children we provide for, without judgement. We are here to help and foster their growth and preserve their basic human needs.  


The job that we have, requires being efficient in fundraising, clothing drives, the day to day tasks of operations and distribution. Our end goal cannot be accomplished without people of conviction to get things done. 


Partnering with compassion, we are an organization of people that understand the struggle and want to help make it better. These are acts are selfless, not selfish. 

We pride ourselves on being transparent with the public. You will find attached, a copy of our adopted bylaws. We encourage all those that are interested, read or preview them to know what it is we expect. Even if you aren't interested in joining our team but still want an inside look into how we operate, please take a quick look.