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One Such Child, Inc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why not children in the States?

This is the number one question we are asked and the answer is simple. The children in our developing locations do not have access or even the resources to that like the children in need located in the United States. Those resources include but are not limited to, Good Will, Salvation Army and The American Red Cross. The children we provide for do not have access to those resources, which is where we come in to help them. 

How can I help?

We welcome any and everyone to become an Ambassador. Depending on what your talents are will determine how you can help. The first step is to submit an application or send any questions about what it means to be an Ambassador to our Ambassador Program Coordinator, at 

I have clothes, how do I donate them?

You have clothes and shoes and we want them! If you are local to the Greensboro, NC/Triad Area, we will come to you for pick up. If you are not local but still want to donate by sending us your clothes, you can mail them to us at the address above. If you have any further questions concerning clothing donations, please call us at (336) 209-4142

Is there an age limit to being an Ambassador?

No. We accept Ambassador application from people of all ages. This is not an opportunity only for younger generations, it is an opportunity for anyone who sees the need and wants to help us in providing a resolve to the issue. 

How do I partner with your organization for an event?

We love the opportunity for community partnerships in any capacity. All requests or questions about partnerships can be submitted through the Contact Us box above. 

When will you guys expand to more locations?

The goal is start the expansion process in 2020. We have been offered the opportunity to grow to Honduras but our primary focus are our two current locations. We are open to fostering any relationships for future expansion. If you would like to share any information on expansion, please submit to us your information through the Contact Us box above.


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